How to Deal with Election Stress

It seems that the closer we get to the first week of November, the harder it is to turn on the television or read the newspaper without wanting to scream. According to many psychologists, the republican candidate has been a particularly stressful aspect. His renouncement of “political correctness,” boasts of grandeur, and promises to “make […] Read More

The Impact of Gut Health on Mental Health

You are what you eat is more than a common dictum, it appears to be the real deal when it comes to your mental health. More and more scientific research is pointing towards intestinal bacteria playing an influential role in managing mental disorder symptoms.  Moreover, gut health and mental health are positively correlated. According to […] Read More

Family Relationship Health

If you are interested in meeting with a behavioral health care provider to support wellness and healthy thinking, try online videoconferencing through Inpathy. Use the coupon code: BulletinReader (caps sensitive) when you are paying for your first session to get $50 off. Every family has its own issues. Family members have their arguments, tough circumstances can […] Read More

Transient Living Among Millennials

Numerous studies have already demonstrated that moving frequently throughout one’s childhood can have negative effects on overall wellbeing and satisfaction later on in life. But, what about when the nomadic lifestyle continues into your adult life? Many millennials have adopted the nomadic tradition of moving to a new city or town every few years, months, […] Read More

Targeted Treatment Could Be Option for Depression-Related Inflammation

Inflammation is our immune system’s response for fighting off danger in our body, and scientists are beginning to link inflammation to psychological disorders such as depression. Severe depression affects 6.9 percent of the U.S. population, and more than half of people with major depression are unable to find relief from their symptoms with antidepressants. Interestingly, […] Read More

October Regulatory Update – This Month in Telehealth

Federal Congressional Leaders Exploring Use of Digital Health to Improve Federal Healthcare Programs (Health Informatics) During a U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means subcommittee on Health hearing Wednesday, Congressional leaders sought insights from the digital health industry and leading healthcare providers on how to use digital health solutions to cut costs, increase efficiency and […] Read More

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