Five Mental Health Resolutions for the New Year

3…2…1… Happy New Year! Vibrant fireworks, the countdown to midnight, and the sound of clinking glasses raising a toast are all a part of the ushering in of the New Year. But, there is one more piece that completes the quintessential New Year experience: resolutions. Making resolutions for the upcoming year is a bit of […] Read More

National Clean Off Your Desk Day

Ever since the day we could walk our parents, teachers, guardians, and so on have been telling us to clean up and not leave a mess lying about. Common responses have included eye rolling and groaning, but in reality they really did know best. Maybe they did not understand the exact benefits of straightening up, […] Read More

Easing Separation Anxiety

Most, if not all of us have experienced a time when our children had a difficult experience saying good bye as we were leaving. But there are a few tips that can help with the issue of separation anxiety. It is never easy for a child (and sometimes a parent) to say goodbye. Children, usually […] Read More

Intentional Living

Are you living your life on autopilot? I think we all do, from time to time. One day rolls into another. We get up, do our daily routines and even though things are ok for the most part, it can begin to feel like perpetual loop mode. Same day, different clothes. Over. And over. Intentional […] Read More

January Regulatory Update – This Month in Telehealth

Federal and Medicare Telemedicine Bill Could get House Vote this Week (Modern Healthcare) The House this week is expected to vote on a bill that promotes telemedicine and was unanimously passed by the Senate last week. Read more here Read ECHO Act (S 2873) here (Also see December’s “Gotcha of the Month” for more info […] Read More

Combating Cabin Fever

Winter is among us. Wind, rain, snow, hail, freezing temperatures, black ice … it’s no wonder staying inside all bundled up is so enticing. When that continues for four months straight though, and you’re on the 6th season of Grey’s Anatomy (you started the show about four days ago) something isn’t right. You become lethargic, […] Read More

Youth Mental Health First Aid

Adolescence is the peak age of onset for mental illness, with one in five young people suffering from a mental health challenge. Additionally, half of all people who will ever have a mental illness experiences their first episode prior to 18 years of age (yet only 4 percent of the total US budget is spent […] Read More

Why Magnesium Matters to Mental Health

Have you been feeling irritable, anxious, and impulsive recently? Have you struggled with sleep disruption, mood dysregulation, or emotional outbursts? You may be low on magnesium. Magnesium is an essential nutrient which performs hundreds of vital tasks in the body.   It serves to sustain regular nerve and muscle function, supports a strong immune system and […] Read More

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