Telemedicine Physicians Will be Able to Expand Reach with The Interstate Medical Licensure Compact

As of August 2016, more than one third of US states have passed legislation to join the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact (IMLC). The Compact will increase access to health care for individuals and families in these states by making it easier for physicians to get additional medical licenses in other participating states. The Compact is […] Read More

What’s a Psychiatric Bed?

Psychiatric beds are hospital beds specifically reserved for in-patients with various mental health issues. The hospital environment is different in psychiatric units and the staff is specially trained to work with people who are experiencing a mental health crisis to ensure that all patients are safe. In recent years, there has been a significant reduction […] Read More

Get Your Mental Wellness On(line)!

One of the best things about the Internet is its role as a source of connection. It connects us to friends and family through social media and connects us to goods and services through online shopping and websites. Now, it can even connect us to our health care services. Why is Mental Health Care Important? […] Read More

Taking a Break: Vacation and Mental Health

A couple of weeks ago, I embarked on the journey of a lifetime. I gathered my suitcase and flew with my friend and her family across the globe to Kerala, India. My life at home is nothing short of busy. Between school, SATs, sports, school activities, volunteer work, family, friends and leisure, I often find […] Read More

The Surprising Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

What Kind of Chocolate is Good for You? You may have heard the phrase “chocolate therapy” before, and perhaps it made you roll your eyes. However, chocolate can have more health benefits than drawbacks depending on how it is prepared. The beneficial part of chocolate, unsurprisingly, is the natural part: the cocoa itself. When lots […] Read More

Playground Psychology

Playground behavior is like a petri dish of the larger themes of personality, dominance and class structure that play out in adult life. Disturbing thought, isn’t it? What was Donald Trump like as a kid? How about Mother Theresa? Professionals and arm chair psychologists alike would probably agree that personality is quite static. A kind […] Read More

What is Paranoia?

Anxiety, like any other emotion, falls on a spectrum; there are varying intensities of the feeling, and, depending on the context or situation, it can endure for any given length of time.  Everyone feels anxious now and then, say, before an interview or while preparing to go on a blind date.  But feeling anxious all […] Read More

Does the Full Moon Really Make Us Crazy?

The next full moon is coming up on August 18th. Many people, including professional emergency room personnel, police officers and psychiatry staff believe that things tend to get a little wackier during that time of month. The long withstanding cultural narrative of the moon tells of werewolves, lunacy, seizures, accidents and strange events during the […] Read More

Watching Sports for Your Health

With the Olympics right around the corner, sports are the topic on many people’s minds. While sports provide many benefits for people who engage in them, what might be less obvious is that just watching these star athletes compete can actually provide benefits to those watching as well! It’s a well-known fact that playing sports […] Read More

Mind over Matter

To the woman chopping her legs furiously up the stairs of a local stadium, it is the searing pain in her quads, the voiceless screams demanding she stop, the subtle reassurance that she has done enough. To the man about to shoot a free throw during the last seconds of a close game, it is […] Read More

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